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New Who Doctors + their first full episodes as The Doctor.


david, the fanboy


clever boy on We Heart It.


clever boy on We Heart It.

So I was listening to my ipod and while shuffling through songs it landed on My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.

I suddenly felt really sad and empty for some reason…


hey remember when clara oswald told a robot threatening her with torture to suck it

remember when clara oswald convinced the time lords to give the doctor another regeneration cycle

remember when clara oswald convinced the doctor to save his species and consequently saved the lives of billions of innocent people

remember when clara oswald sacrificed her life to save the doctor’s and consequently everybody in the universe

remember when clara oswald saved an entire planetary system

remember when clara oswald told the doctor she wouldn’t be a replacement

remember when clara oswald helped a little girl because she looked lost and volunteered to look after two children despite having a degree and desires to travel

remember when clara oswald was influenced by her mother and made soufflés based on her recipes and kept her book of adventures and inherited her desire to travel and be compassionate and save people who are lost and volunteers to look after a family because she knows what it’s like to lose a mother

remember when clara oswald was always a control freak and decided when and where the doctor would meet her and how he’d behave around her and always panicked when she lost control of him or the situation

remember when clara oswald was always more scared than she let on and despite the doctor’s declarations of how “impossible” she was the narrative kept telling us she was a “perfectly ordinary girl” and she proved this by making a brave decision that didn’t rely on any superhuman ability or circumstance

remember when fandom literally ignored all of this and pretended she had less personality than a cyberman head and suddenly loves her after one episode despite clara oswald simply displaying the same characteristics she’s always shown but everybody’s ignored until now

Just because my pretty has face turned your head…


32&33/ pic of Katie McGrath


requested by anon


Awesome ….


Awesome ….

me yesterday night : lol who needs sleep
me today: i do. i need sleep.
me tonight: lol who needs sleep